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Friday, September 16, 2011

Luke says Vince Mathers is cool!

Hi, I'm Vince
 I'm so happy it's Friday again - Friday is a tail-waggin' good day! Today I interview Vince Mathers and he sounds way too cool! I know he could squash me into mush but I think he'd be fun to play with.

1.        Describe yourself.

I’m Vince and I’m 4 months old. I weigh about 50 pounds now, and mom says I’m still growing and full of the business, whatever that means.

      2.     What is your favorite activity?

I really like to chase my sister Greta, she gets mad at me, and tries to run away, but I can catch her. I didn’t used to be able to, but I can now. I also really like to go to work with mom. She works with old people, but says I’m not suppose to call them old, I should say elderly or seniors, but whatever.  They give me lots of treats and hugs, and always say I am really smart and cute. I try to be good while I am there, but someday I am going to sneak in their kitchen. It smells so good in there, but they won’t let me go in there, because I might drop a hair or a germ or something. Someday though, when no one is looking, I’m gonna sneak in there and grab a BBQ chicken leg or maybe a hamburger.

3.      What is your favorite inside smell?

BBQ chicken and hamburgers, and my mom. In the morning, she smells like fresh flowers and cupcakes, but later in the day she smells like a dog. And I love dog smell.

4.      What is your favorite outdoor smell?

Birds. I love birds. I like to watch them land in my yard, and then chase them. In the morning, I can always tell that some bird has been in my yard, I can smell ‘em. They have no business in my yard. Dang birds.

 5.       Do you have to do any silly tricks to please your humans? If so, what are they?

 Well, mom says because I’m still a baby I only have to do what she tells me to, and she just makes me do the usual for now. You know, sit, come when called, lay down.  But I have one thing that makes her laugh and I learned it all by myself. When mom throws the ball for Greta, Greta runs to the end of the yard and brings it back. But if I catch Greta just before she gets to mom, I can take the ball away from Greta and get it to mom, and then I get all the praise because I was the one who returned it to her. Greta is so dumb, she lets me take the ball and get the praise, hehehe.

6.       What kind of treats do you like?

I guess I like dehydrated yams. Mom’s a vegetarian.

7.      Do your humans share their food with you?

Sometimes.  Mom is very careful about what we get to have. She says no onions, no raisins or grapes, and no chocolate. But we do get carrots and I love carrots. Oh and apples. Specially the apples that fall off the neighbor’s tree. Yum Yum. My brother Chance will bark at the tree and that makes the apples fall off so we all get some. Chance is very smart.

8.       What are your favorite toys?

Greta wrecked all my toys. I used to have some really cool stuffed toys and she tore them apart to get the squeakers out; see how dumb she is. She thought there was a bird in there or something. She doesn’t like birds either.

9.       What is your pet peeve? (Now where did that come from?)

 I’m too young to know what that means. But if it means things I hate, well I have been keeping a list. I hate it when other dogs get tied up outside, I feel bad because I know how much I like being with my family and I know they would like that too. I also hate it when on the news I hear another animal was hurt by a human. That just makes me so mad. No one has a right to harm another living being; even that I know and I am only 4 months old. 

10.   Do you like other dogs?

 I love ‘em, I mean what’s not to love about dogs. They are smarter than humans, usually cuter than humans, smell better, and are more fun. Dogs are always ready to go for a walk, or a swim or do whatever. They are sensitive and helpful and make great friends. You can always trust a dog. 

 11.   Do you like cats?

 Oh yes. Cats are so cool. When I grow up I want to be just like a cat. They get whatever they want and don’t have to do any stupid tricks. 

12.   Do you listen when your humans tell you to do something?

 Of course. Well most of the time. Ok sometimes. But this is my childhood and mom says I am only a puppy once so I can get away with it for a little while. But I think I better start listening better, mom isn’t looking too pleased when I chase in the other direction when she calls. I have to go to puppy class to learn some manners and how to be a good dog. But that’s all part of being part of the family, right?

13.   Do you have bad-hair days?

      Never. My hair is just perfect. I am black and white, and have a big black spot on my side shaped like the perfect heart. Mom used to have another dog whose name was Charlotte who was just like me but she got cancer and died. Mom says this heart is a sign from Charlotte sending her love. I think it’s because I love the Green Bay Packers. Did I tell you I am named after Vince Lombardi? Yep, me, Vince.

14.   Tell me about your family members.

 Ok, there is mom, who I just love and she loves me too.  I can tell because she always smiles at me and tells me I am going to be President someday. And there is dumb Greta. Mom says Greta is really very smart, but I don’t see it. Chance also lives with us. I think he is mom’s favorite, because he has been here the longest. She calls him her little Chancey Pants. Whatever that means. Chance doesn’t like me too much, he growls at me and never wants to play and he absolutely will never share his toys, his treats or even his bed with me. I don’t know what his problem is. Mom say Chance is the best dog in the world, so I better watch him and learn what it takes to get that status. Best dog in the world, just wait till I get bigger, I will be the best dog in the world.

 15.  Is there anything else you’d like to share?
 Yes. I would like to get serious for a minute. Mom says that too many animals are abused every year by the humans who promised to love and care for them. We animals can’t speak but if we could we would say “Please, please stop doing that! We are only here to make your lives better, so please stop hurting us.” Oh and one more thing, always remember, if there ever comes a time, Vote for Vince!

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