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Friday, September 9, 2011

Luke interviews Lola Burke

Hi! I'm so excited this morning because I want to meet Lola. Interviewing her makes me want to take care of her. Last week I interviewed Lois Thompson, Lola's sister. I'd like to know if Lois protects Lola.

I have a sister, Peanut, and she sounds a lot like Lola. I like her but she's scared of me. She just shakes all the time and runs away.

Lola's answers are in orange.

I'm Lola

1. Describe yourself.
I'm very cautious....doorways scare me...but once I become your friend,I'm a friend for life.

2. What is your favorite activity?
Going to work with my dad every day!!

3. What is your favorite inside smell?

4. What is your favorite outdoor smell?
Bird licking, just smell

5. Do you have to do any silly tricks to please your humans? If so, what are they?
Absolutely not-I don't believe in tricks.

6. What kind of treats do you like?
Turkey-flavored bacon and peanut butter flavored biscuits

7. Do your humans share their food with you?
No. Well...maybe a little of ice cream on a hot summer day...but I'm afraid of the spoon.

8. What are your favorite toys?
Dad's socks

9. What is your pet peeve? (Now where did that come from?)

10. Do you like other dogs?
My sister

11. Do you like cats?
Not really

12. Do you listen when your humans tell you to do something?

My interview was hard work! Nighty-night!
13. Do you have bad-hair days?

14. Tell me about your family members.
They love me very much

15. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

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