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Friday, September 2, 2011

Lois Thompson speaks out!

Lois is a teacup yorkie so I think she must be about the size of my sister, Peanut, who is a teacup poodle. She sounds friendlier though. I think I'd like to play with her. She seems to know what smells good!

Lois's answers are in orange.

1.       Describe yourself.
I'm happy...always.  My family calls me "happy time"

2.       What is your favorite activity?
Being with my mom...or my dad if mom is traveling

 3.       What is your favorite inside smell?
 Mom's lotion

4.       What is your favorite outdoor smell?
My sister's poop...but I'm good and only smell it :)

5.       Do you have to do any silly tricks to please your humans? If so, what are they?
Tricks are for kids!

6.       What kind of treats do you like?
 I like everything-it all makes me happy.

7.       Do your humans share their food with you?
 My sister and I get ice cream sometimes.  My sister is a scaredy cat so I get more...hee  hee

8.       What are your favorite toys?
 Dad has a yellow chickie at his house that I'm partial to

9.       What is your pet peeve? (Now where did that come from?)
Having my beard cleaned by my dad

10.   Do you like other dogs?
 I do

Nap time!

11.   Do you like cats?
 Not sure

12.   Do you listen when your humans tell you to do something?
I am an excellent listener

13.   Do you have bad-hair days?
 Often...but I'm so cute people overlook it

14.   Tell me about your family members.
 They rescued me and I adore them.  I think they feel the same about me.

15.   Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Did I mention that I still have a tail??


  1. Buster has tried several times to leave a comment, but he keeps screwing it up, so I'm doing it for him!

    He says, "Love the smell of poop!"

    Sigh, Madeline

  2. Buster, we know a good thing when we smell it, don't we?

    Wanna be interviewed sometime?