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Friday, August 26, 2011

Luke interviews Rosie Faulkner

Rosie Faulkner
Hi! Meet Rosie. Doesn't she sound like fun? I think she knows all the tricks - maybe she'll give lessons. Her answers are in orange.

1.     Hi, Rosie. Would you please describe yourself?

 I’m my Mama’s baby girl, more commonly known as the curly girlie or the Little Red Poodle Dog. Everyone smiles at me and wants to pet me, and I like the attention, but my job is to watch out for my Mama. I understand English, but my Mama & Daddy aren’t as good in Poodle so I have to SHOW them what they are supposed to do. Do all cute doggies have such dumb Mamas and Daddies?

2.     What is your favorite activity?

 I like to dance and sing. My favorite song is from RENT. I wanna go aooouuuuuut tonight! I do a good job with the aoooouuuuuutpart.

3.     What is your favorite inside smell?

 Daddy’s breath after dinner.

4.     What is your favorite outdoor smell?

 Daddy’s breath before breakfast.

5.     Do you have to do any silly tricks to please your humans?  If so, what are they?

 Well, I don’t do silly tricks, but THEY do.You should see them dance & sing to get my attention.

6.     What kind of treats do you like?


7.     Do your humans share their food with you?

 Do they have a choice?

8.     What are your favorite toys?

 Plastic waterbottles.

9.     What is your pet peeve? (Now where did that come from?)

 When I want my Greenie and Daddy doesn’t come give me one when I call him.

10.  Do you like other dogs?

 Well, only for a quick sniff. I’m really a little fur person, you know.

11.  Do you like cats?

 What cats?

12.  Do you listen when your humans tell you to do something?

 Sure. I listen and if it’s something fun, I jump to it.

13.  Do you have bad-hair days?

 Oh no, I’m always gorgeous…even the week before I go see DeeAnn the groomer when I go into my Wookie Look.

14.  Tell me about your family members.

 My Mama sings to me and I sing back. Every night, I sit between my Daddy and Mama and put my paws on his chest and look deep into his eyes – and then at the bag of treats until he FINALLY gets the point and gets me a Deer Chewie.

15.  Is there anything else you’d like to share?

 Got any cheese?

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