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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Luke the Detective Dog: Guest Blogger

Luke the Detective Dog is tail-waggin' excited that he will become a guest blogger on in August. He wanted to introduce himself and his new venture.

Hi, I'm Luke! Getting a chance to give dogs a voice is better than chewing on a bone. I've often wondered if other dogs think like I do. For example, I love to roll my head around in dried bird doo-doo - it's my idea of cologne. I love to run as fast I can all through the house - it's a great obstacle course and the louder I growl, the better. I think it's unfair that my humans eat stuff that smells good and give me old hard pieces of stuff that smells awful!

You won't believe this one! Mom loves it when I patty-cake. I do it because she giggles and then lets me chew on her hand.

One other thing - since I've been helping Hap Lynch solve mysteries, I've discovered that bad guys stink!

See what I mean! Do other dogs think like me? Maybe if humans read the interviews, they'll learn what we like. Dogs of the world, let's unite and make our voices heard! Let me know if you'd like to have your say!

Of course, we always have to let our humans know how much we love them.

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