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Friday, June 17, 2011

Downtown Denver

16th St Mall view from outdoor cafe
My first sight of the Rocky Mountains always makes me fall in love with them again - new and fresh as the first views from early childhood. Sometimes I think their beauty beckons stronger each time.

Colorado to me means growing-up years, high school friends, college, marriage and early parent years. Then we moved away and I've always wondered why. I knew why at the time. I'm not sure I do now.

We spent the day in Denver. Amidst the memories of college days, the changes and city improvements enthralled me. The skyline, shopping districts, striking architecture - all bring to mind energy, creativity and progress. Mix in the clear blue sky and Colorado weather and what more could one want.

Denver is an exciting city. One senses the purpose and healthy energy in the people. It speaks of a place where people love the outdoors. You can see it in their faces and in the way they carry themselves.

The 16th Street Mall is new to us and we loved it. This mile-long piece of Denver has been turned from just another city street to a beautiful tree-lined walkway through the downtown shopping district. A view of the capital and downtown Denver highlights the scenic experience.

We ate lunch at an outdoor table at Johnny Rockets. The '50s decor and great sandwiches and fries complemented our day of fun.

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