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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 22 Update

Amanda is holding her own since her surgery Friday. Her vitals have gone from very low to a more normal range. There are still signs of infection so the doctors are changing her bandages twice a day instead of once.

Although the donor sites on her scalp have healed, some of the others have not. About half of her back wounds are still covered with cadaver skin and they do show signs of infection.

The latest report on her EpiCels is not as bright as the last report. 50% took on her arms, 50% took on the upper part of her chest, only about 30% took on her sides, and less than 30% took on her legs. Doctors ordered a new batch to be grown - a process that takes 2-3 weeks.
Her facial doctor grafted some more skin from her scalp to her forehead. Kyle reported that her eyes are no longer sewn shut. He's waiting for more information from her doctors.

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