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Friday, May 20, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 20 Update

Amanda was better last night; her vitals improved, she was off the blood pressure meds and her temperature was down. Blood cultures showed that she does have a blood infection. An infection was found on the EpiCels on her thigh. The good news is that the skin grafts on her back were not as bad as first reported. Doctors think that 70-80% are taking and the rest will be redone.

Kyle reported that he asked the doctor if might be able to finish the grafts on her face. Kyle said, "I would really like it if they could finish her face and be done with it, so it's almost fully healed when she wakes up and is fully aware. And no one knows how long that could be, could be three months, could be six or longer...For as bad as her face was between the right side being smashed and all the burns, the doctors have done an amazing job."

She is scheduled for surgery this morning.

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