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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 19 Update

Unfortunately a bad day followed Amanda's good days. Doctors discovered infection in the wounds on her side - the EpiCels are looking good; it's her other wounds. They cleaned the infected area and changed all her bandages. There's also question whether or not the skin grafts are taking on her back.

Her vitals reflected the infection - the infection may be in her blood stream. Her heart rate was high, blood pressure low and she was running a fever. Doctors gave her more blood and put her back on blood pressure medication. She remains on dialysis and the ventilator.

On the good side, her face grafts and scalp donor sites are healing.
Please pray for both Amanda and Kyle. Amanda still has a long road ahead of her. I can't begin to imagine what Kyle is experiencing in worry, stress and frustration.

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