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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 17 Update

Amanda was taken off blood pressure medication last night but her heart rate is still high - around 138. She's heavily sedated to keep her from moving and potentially damaging the EpiCels.

Here's the latest report from Kyle:
Everyday the doctors cut open her bandages bed side to let the EpiCels air and dry out for an hour or two, then staple the bandages back together. This is becoming a very nerve racking week. They were changing her bandages every day for the last four weeks and now because of the EpiCels they can't move or change her bandages for 7-10 days. Meaning old bandages that are being open and closed daily and she's on her back side for that long which are perfect breeding grounds for infections. There's no way to look at her back side without taking a chance of damaging the EpiCels. This is like a double edged sword. Hope both do well, no infections and full take on the EpiCels!

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