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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 14 Update

Amanda's surgery yesterday went well. Although there were no complications, she lost almost 2 gallons of blood and used between 40 and 50 blood products in surgery to replace it. Keeping her blood pressure up was a challenge but the doctors did get it stabilized. She's on the ventilator at 30%, she's still on the CRRT (kidney) machine and is still heavily sedated. For the next few days the doctors will be checking her wounds to see how they are healing. Kyle was told on average about 60% of the EpiCels take and they would have to go back and lay some more later. It should only take about 2 weeks to grow another batch.

Kyle mentioned a 20/20 show that I didn't see. Here are his comments:

I asume most of you saw the 20/20 show tonight and now have a little more understanding of what Amanda is and will be going through. It's hard to believe that our fire was mainly smoke oil and yet how badly Amanda is burned. But I feel it was a lot of other little things that made the fire so much worse. The 25-30 mph wind, a hole was punctured in the firewall creating a suction to Amanda, just a lot of little things. For her to have her fingers burned to the point that the bone was killed proves how hot it got in that short amount of time and to top it all off we still have not found what caused the engine to quit. One small problem was found in the fuel servo but all the experts agree that it would not have caused the engine to quit.

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