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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amanda Franklin April 5 Update

Amanda breathed on her own all day Sunday. She followed commands and answered questions. Kyle reports that she is beginning to realize where she is and what happened even though she's still under a lot of pain medication. This is just the beginning; her response and awareness are still extremely limited.

Her surgery yesterday produced mixed results. Working on her back, they found that 60% of her grafts (from her own skin) had taken; 40% had not. The doctors grafted some more skin to her back and thighs.

Kyle described the process:

They replace and put more cadaver skin in places that needed it to help prevent infection. (Cadaver skin will usually last about two weeks before the body rejects it.)

Doctors had to amputate all of her fingers on her right hand; she only has a little bit of her thumb left.

More from Kyle:

They removed the burnt skin from her neck and replaced it with cadaver skin. The neck is apparently a hard place to graph and doesn't heal very well. Amanda used 6 pints of blood in today's surgery. I can't describe to you how she looks, much less how she must feel. Knowing that's my beautiful girl under all those bloody bandages is absolutely tearing me apart.

Her next surgery is Wednesday, they are going in to work on her face. They plan on taking the skin from her scalp and putting it on her face. This is the best skin for her face and we were all thankful they didn't have to use it today on her back. That had been a possibility since they still don't have her cultured/grown skin yet. It takes 6 weeks to grow.

I will post more news as I receive it.

Please continue to pray for both of them. I can't begin to imagine the strength they will need to carry them through these difficult days. I know that the outpouring of prayers, love and support mean so much to Kyle and the family. God bless all of you!

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