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Friday, April 29, 2011

Amanda Franklin April 29 Update

Amanda's surgery yesterday went well. Doctors grafted skin from her foot and put it on her leg and replaced a lot of her older cadaver skin. She used a lot of blood and plasma.

Kyle felt that the doctor he is more positive about her condition. He believes she's getting to a spot where she could survive this. Amanda still has a long way to go but this shows how strong she is. Kyle reports that the doctor said that he has never seen someone get this far behind the eight ball and make this good of a come back. Her organs are still about the same, which is good, she still isn't digesting much but some is better then none. Tomorrow will be more bandage changes and wound care not much else.

Kyle reports on his progress:

My hand and arm are healing good. Only a few blisters. I got my new compression garments in a week or so ago. They're a custom made spandex glove and arm sleeve to help keep scarring down. I'd say I have about 80% of full motion back in my hand and fingers. A few more weeks and I should be back at 100%.


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