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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amanda Franklin April 21 Update

Yesterday Amanda's 5-hour surgery produced some new problems.

Kyle asked a friend to summarize the doctors' report:

During the bleaching of her wounds today, Amanda's doctors found that the pseudomonis infection had spread deeper into her skin. Previously, they had removed infected skin and fatty tissue with a "tangental" incision that removed the affected area in layers one or two millimeters thick. This incision was not stopping the spread of infection, so today they used a more aggressive "fascial" incision where they remove the infected skin all the way down to the underlying muscle. This is a very deep incision that removes a great deal of tissue, but it results in less bleeding and will hopefully halt the spread of infection.

Amanda's doctors also discovered today that her kidney functions were significantly diminished. She has not reached a stage where they are considering dialysis, but reduced kidney function is a critical development. Part of the reason for her kidney issue is the amount of blood and blood products she has received since the accident. Not only has the massive amount of transfusions put her kidneys under strain, but her body is also showing signs of not being able to tolerate her normal blood type. This will require more intense scrutiny and selection of blood for her - it is no longer enough to just use the same blood type, her doctors must now match a great many more chemical properties to be sure the blood she receives will be accepted by her body. In a normal patient, doctors can find compatibility in roughly 20 out of every 100 units of a given blood type. In Amanda's case, they can now only find compatibility in roughly four out of every 100 units of a given blood type.

The doctors did have some good news. They said Amanda's heart and lungs were the healthiest they had seen in a long time and that she was still in there fighting. They will also be doing dressing changes twice a day now to keep an eye on things. In short today was about 70% bad and 30% good. We will see if things get better or worse in her surgery tomorrow.


  1. Thank you so much for your updates. Keep them coming so we can keep holding on for them!

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