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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amanda Franklin April 20 Update

When doctors checked Amanda's wounds yesterday, they looked better. The biopsies from the spots on her arm did not show a problem. Today they planned to clean her wounds again. An issue that has arisen involves the use of the good scalp skin she has left. The doctors have to determine whether to use that skin on her face or her body. Her facial doctor has already used half of it to graft to her face. Her face will look better with that skin but she still has open wounds on her body.

Kyle wrote:

Her "Body" doctor did make the point if she doesn't survive her wounds it doesn't matter what her face looks like. Which is hard to argue with. We will see exactly how all this turns out. As we all have found things can change very quickly.

Amanda is less responsive than before. Kyle reports that "She's been through a lot this past week and I can see it's taking its toll on her."

She stills needs our prayers!

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