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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amanda Franklin April 2

I have no new news today but I didn't mention yesterday that the doctors changed her face bandages and said her face is looking good. Remember that she is scheduled for more surgery on Monday.

People's concern for Kyle and Amanda is heartwarming proof of the  kindness and care we have for one another. The continued prayers provide comfort and strength to Amanda and the family.

Like thousands from Brownsville and surrounding areas, I was there on March 12. As a volunteer for the air show, I spent the day with the pyro team, taking pictures and learning about their work. I think we all have taken Kyle and Amanda into our hearts and made their recovery part of our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for continually checking on Amanda's progress.


  1. From George and Jo in Garland, Tx. Please let Kyle know that he and Amanda are in our prayers and I am also asking our church to pray for them. Also, thank you for the posts as this is the best source of information as to Amanda's progress.

  2. Thank you. I'll give your message to Kyle. Your prayers are deeply appreciated.