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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amanda Franklin April 10 Update

Yesterday Kyle saw Amanda's face for the first time since the accident when they changed the bandages. He said the doctors did a great job fixing her facial fractures. She is scheduled for surgery Monday to graft skin on her face.

Kyle's report on his visit:

What made today so special for me is that I know for sure she knew I was there. I came in to see her and started telling her about the day and she raised her right hand (the side I was on). I held her hand and she tried to talk a little and then opened those beautiful blue eyes. I haven't seen her beautiful eyes in almost a month. She was acting like she was ready to get up and walk out of there with me. She was very animated with me so much the nurses wanted me out of there so she could rest. (rest in a hospital, ya right)

I love my girl and she is going to make it threw this. Her strength and will is amazing.....she is amazing!

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