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Monday, March 21, 2011

Amanda Franklin

The following post was on Kyle and Amanda's FB yesterday. The Facebook page is Franklin's Flying Circus. Amanda also has a Caring Bridge page ( Both of these sites will have continued information directly from the family.

Kyle & Amanda's story appeared on the Today Show this morning at 0730 EST. It was a very touching piece that showed the accident, interviewed a first responder and Kyle, and then allowed the two to meet. During Kyle's interview he discussed the full extent of Amanda's injuries.

Please understand I was not at liberty to discuss the full extent without Kyle's permission. Within a few minutes of the accident, word spread that it was a fatality on both parts so it was Matt's intention to get word out immediately that they were both indeed alive and stable. Until this morning, all I was authorized to say was that Amanda was stable from a day-to-day basis.

Kyle posted the following to Franklin's Flying Circus Facebook page:

Up to this point most people did not no the extent of Amanda's injuries, that was because we were still finding them out ourselves.

As of today Amanda is in "stabilized" condition but please keep in mind that "stabilized" does not necessarily mean "stable", she remains in the Burn Intensive Care Unit.

She sustained a significant inhalation injury from inhaling smoke and fire, because of this, she has a breathing tube and a machine helping her breath.

She is burned on almost 70% of her body. 64% of which are "Full Thickness" (3rd Degree) burns. This includes her face.

She sustained numerous fractures to her face and orbital bones around her eyes. As fare as they can tell she can still see fine.

She also sustained fractures to her neck and back. In other words she has a broken neck and back but at this time she does not appear to be paralyzed.

That is the bulk of her major injuries and there are many more that I will not list. But the good news is she's young, healthy, athletic, in great shape and shes a fighter. The doctors keep bragging on how strong she is and how well she did in her 1st surgery. Amanda goes back in for her 2nd surgery tomorrow morning around 7am. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will let you know how things go tomorrow.
 If you would like to help Amanda please donate at ether of the fallowing two fund sites "Franklin Fund" (tax deductible) or "The Kyle and Amanda Fund" (non tax deductible).

Thank you for all your support, prayers and God bless you all.

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