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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ski Lifts, Vertigo and Me

In September we visited our niece Sarah and her family in Rochester, NY. While Sarah and her husband Tim planned activities they thought we’d enjoy, we attended a conference in Wisconsin. Somewhere on the trip from the Wisconsin to Rochester, I experienced a vertigo attack.

Tim, Daniel & Everett

When Sarah called and suggested a trip to the ski area on Bristol Mountain, it sounded great. She described beautiful fall colors and views from the ski lift and from the top. It’s a favorite fall adventure they plan every year.

Considering that just turning around or moving too quickly still made me dizzy, I should have known better. Located close to an hour out of Rochester, I spent the drive trying to convince myself that I could do this. Foolish thoughts!

Maggie & Hannah
picking flowers

Even when Tim bought our tickets, I could have said no. However, being a fair-weather person, I’d never been on a ski lift. I wanted the experience .

Sarah, 10-year-old Hannah, 5-year-old Maggie and I took the first car; Everett, Tim and 8-year-old Daniel the second. The sun was shining, the air crisp and fall colored the mountainside. Sounds like a great adventure, right?

Only one problem. The minute the gondola stopped and the swaying motion began; so did the dizziness. There I was: hanging on for dear life to stop the swaying, keeping my eyes focused straight ahead and praying I wouldn’t disgrace myself. I barely saw the scenic views.

A view from the top

Needless to say, the adventure-that-should-have-been turned into the adventure-to-keep-Aunt-Pat-from-getting-sick. The moral of this story: vertigo and ski lifts don’t mix!

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