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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guy Wire Question

While my brother Gary walks several miles each morning, he ponders life’s ‘important’ issues. Frequently he calls to either inform me of his conclusions or to simply find an available ear.

Today’s important phone call came before I had my Diet Pepsi – need I say more?

Gary’s walk led his thoughts down the ‘balance’ path. He realized that calling and sharing with me during his walks helps keep him balanced.

Thinking about balance led him to ponder guy wires. (According to the dictionary, the definition of ‘guy wires’is to add stability, balance and support.)

Gary said he depends on the women in his life – his wife Fran, his daughter Sarah and me – to provide stability, balance and support. He concluded that probably most men depend on the women in their lives to do likewise.

Thus the question arises: why are guy wires called guy wires instead of gal wires?

If it’s the women who provide the same benefits, wouldn’t it be logical to name the product that provides balance and support after the people who provide balance and support?

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  1. Pat -- Let's here it for "Gal Wires!"

    Great article!!!