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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A New Project Begins

On a hot August Sunday, the sun is shining and throwing shadows of leaves and branches onto the still-green grass. It's a year where plenty of rain has kept the world green a little longer. Even the birds are quiet in the heat of this lazy Sunday afternoon. Few boats are on the water and the lake shines like clean glass.

We're thinking about a trip to Colorado. There's nothing quite like the mountains to inspire me. Just the thought makes me want to grab my camera and jump in the car!

But on this sunny afternoon, it's a great time to think and plan ahead. The Bugle has gone to press. Role Call: Women's Voices - co-authored with Joyce Faulkner - is now available. I finished my last editing job and I'm excited about my new project.

I'm spreading my wings and writing a biography of a nature cinematographer. So much to learn about this creative man, his passion for his art and the wonderful films he's created - films that we've seen on TV series such as Discovery and Profiles of Nature.

It's funny how much writing actually takes place in my head for months before a single word is typed on my computer. This story has percolated through my mind all spring and summer.

However, now it's time to start typing...


  1. How cool to expand! There's so much of the world out there to explore and learn! Good luck on your new project!

  2. Good luck Pat. I also look forward to being closely bound to you through the editing of my own little 'adventure' - my new novel.

  3. Rose, thanks for the encouragement. It's a neverending challenge to be an explorer of life, isn't it?

    Love following you and the kids of Facebook!

  4. Gretchen,

    I'm enjoying your manuscript. You once again are transporting me into a new and different world.

    I'll be in touch soon.