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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where's the Iodine?

Everywhere! It’s in the ground, the plants that grow from the ground and the critters that eat the plants. It’s in the sea and everything that comes from the sea. It’s in the iodized salt that is used in almost all of the commercially prepared food we eat.

Normally I neither think about it nor mind it’s there. However, now I’m on a low-iodine diet preparing for my radioactive iodine treatment. Since the thyroid absorbs iodine, I need to get the iodine level in my body as low as possible. Then when I have the treatment my thyroid cancer cells will love it. Then ZAP! The radiation kills those cells anywhere in my body where they’re running amok. I’m getting ready for the battle.

My first memory of iodine was that nasty red stuff in the bottle that my mom put on my cuts and scrapes (you have to be of a “certain age” to remember that stuff). Stung like the devil! Nasty stuff but it did the job. Now I want it out of my body so I can take a super big dose of it back in! Does that make sense?

So enjoy your grilled steaks, shrimp and lobster, burgers and fries. I’m thinking about you…

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