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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Migration in south Texas

The incredible colors of spring. This is my first April in south Texas and it is marvelous. The soft colors of the mesquite trees, the yellow, pink and salmon-colored prickly pear cactus blooms, the hundreds of varieties of flowers. I love them all.

However, spring migration is almost beyond my vocabulary - to describe the gorgeous birds who stop here in the Rio Grande Valley on their way back home. Most of them I've never seen before and I'm overwhelmed at their beauty.

I've met many birders and photographers who can name all the species and even better, who willingly share their knowledge with anyone who asks. Looking for these birds is like hunting for hidden treasure.

I've fallen in love with the painted bunting (shown above). I've never seen one before, Their colors are incredibly vibrant. I'm sharing two photos of them. The one with the brightest color is the truest to life - but the location and light make them look different.

Another bird I love is the indigo bunting  (shown on the left). They are blessed with a beautiful shade of blue feathers. The scarlet tanager is another beautiful bird. They are all new to me, Their colors amaze me.

Isn't the scarlet tanager below beautiful?

I've taken hundreds of pictures - thank God for digital - and every day I realize even more than I need a good lens for my Canon. So that now tops my "wish" list.

Anyway, these photos will give you an idea of the beautiful colors these birds wear every day.

This is a "wish  you were here" to all my family and friends - I'd love to share this exciting adventure with you. It's a marvelous treasure hunt!

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