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Friday, March 19, 2010

Parakeets and Photos

Our new friends, John and Alice Bax, took us to Brownsville yesterday evening to search for parrots and parakeets. John is a nature cinematographer and has produced some incredible work.

He led us to the parakeets - hundreds of them. They're a beautiful green, noisy, and loads of fun to watch. Exciting to photograph too.

The sun lit up their green feathers. Whether the background is the blue sky or green palm trees, they really capture your attention.

I chased them all over trying to get the best lighting. Everett and Peanut patiently waited while I took a couple hundred pictures.

We didn't see any parrots but we will try again!

You'll be hearing more about John and his work. He's fascinating, knowledgeable and absolutely charming. Alice is delightful. She started learning about birds 25 years ago when she met John.

John is 84 and still filming birds and wildlife at every opportunity. He and Alice are producing a series of DVDs about birds in the Rio Grande Valley.

I see another book in my future!

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