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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

South Padre Island Kite Fest

Cold weather didn't stop crowds from attending the annual SPI Kite Fest over the weekend. In the 50s with the Gulf winds blowing is definitely cold for the island residents and visitors. The free event is in its 10th year and is hosted by B&S Kites.

The event, held on the flats along the Laguna Madre Bay draws people from all over the Rio Grande Valley. It's always fun to look in the skies and see fish and other brightly colored kites floating with the wind. This year we all marveled at an octopus, soccer referee, and many other designs. My favorite was the kite with all the fish trailing through the breeze.

Competition kite flying is spectacular. World and national champions attend each year. This year's performers includes Team IQuad, a 6-man team flying 4-line precision kites; Chris Schultz, the dual-line champion from HQ Kites; and Jim Cosca from Sky Dogs. The precision performances are choreographed to music and are truly amazing to watch.

This kite flying is definitely different than what I experienced as a kid.

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  1. How very cool! Were these kites handmade? Very creative ideas!! Would have loved to have seen the one with the fish trailing or the octopus one. Sounds like a very cool event!