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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Books Make Great Gifts

Need an idea for that special someone? Books make a great gift for the readers in your family.

During Veterans Week, seven authors traveled to Branson to receive medals awarded by Branson Stars & Flags Book Awards. Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys and Eddie Beesley, a Vietnam veteran, presented the awards, along with Eddie's wife, Connie.

Bonsall and Beesley won awards last year. Award presentations were part of the Opening Show on November 5 at the Mansion Theater. You can check out more info on each title at Denzil Batson's title, Korea: We Called It War is available in both book and DVD format.

Del Staecker – Gold Medal for The Lady Gangster, Nonfiction
Denzil Batson – Silver Medal for documentary Korea: We Called It War
T.H.E. Hill – Silver Medal for Voices Under Berlin
Tom Ruck – Grand Prize and Gold Medal for Sacred Ground, Photography
Jim Staley – Silver Medal, Come In, Swanee Leader, Photography
Erwin Thompson (WWII Vet) – Gold Medal , Worth Remembering, Poetry
Deborah Tainsh – Silver Medal, Heart of a Hawk, Inspirational

All the books are excellent reads and would make great gifts.

Of course, I must mention my latest title, The Sharon Rogers Band: Laughed Together, Cried Together, Crashed & Almost Died Together. Check out to order this or any other of my books.

Joe Bonsall's book, GI Joe & Lillie, is the story of his parents. Eddie Beesley's book, Lucky Enough, is an autobiography about the injury in Vietnam that costs him both his legs, and how it defined his life.

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  1. we called it war is one of my favorites