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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dolphin Mohawk is Free to Swim the Laguna Madre

I've followed Mohawk's story since the discovery that he was entangled in fishing line. Rescue efforts took weeks to organize. Large nets, the Marine Mammal Rescue Team, local community efforts and Scarlet Colley's organizational skills all came together this week.

It took two days to capture Mohawk and his mother. Dolphins in the Laguna Madre are adept at avoiding fishing nets. Once they swam into shallow water, the team successfully rescued him.

Once captured, the team removed the fishing line and checked him out. The line was around his body and in his mouth.

In her blog, Scarlet Colley wrote: "This was a fatal entanglement and if it had not been removed it would have cut through his arm, mouth and back. The crew was awesome and Mohawk is now free."

Just one more example of how people working together can protect our world and its inhabitants.

I wish Mohawk a long and happy life in the Laguna Madre and I thank Scarlet and everyone involved in his rescue.

Well done!

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