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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Quiet Side of the Bay

The Laguna Madre Bay area in south Texas is beautiful in the summer. The beaches on South Padre Island are filled with families, and people young and old. Today my husband and I drove to a secluded area on the bay. But first a short bit of geography.

South Padre Island (SPI) is accessible by the Queen Isabella Causeway. SPI is where the road ends. Before you cross the causeway you drive through the town of Port Isabel. The Laguna Madre Bay lies between the two cities and extends several miles to the west of the causeway and is bordered by Hwy 510.

A few miles to the north lies the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.

Today we found a dirt road just past the SPI Golf Club on Hwy 510. The road winds its way through prickly pear cacti and sand flats to an unoccupied part of the bay. Though it's a hazy day, the bay was beautiful. We couldn't see the island but we watched a lone boat heading back to shore.

Birds perched on old pilings and waited along the water's edge. I didn't have my camera but I'll go back.

Old cabins on stilts tell their own story. This place had visitors at one time. Now the cabins look too fragile to hold the weight of a person today. The stilts are leaning. Although they withstood a good breeze today, it looks like a strong wind would take them down.

Some trash littered the side of the road, but it too looked old. A bicycle was propped against a fence in the only yard around. An old overturned boat rested between the house and the bay.

I suspect people use the area for fishing and watersports, but today we had it all to ourselves.

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